Retain interchange fees &

Maintain top-of-wallet

Credit card compromised? With WalletFi's digital wallet, you can transfer subscriptions between cards with ease - no missed payments, no subscription interruption.

Intuitive & Automated

call center enhancement

Increase call efficiency while helping your customers automatically identify recurring charges and subscriptions tied to their old card.

Increase Millennial loyalty and engagement

Top consumers

The predominant consumers of financial services today are Millennials

Subscription love

Millennials are more loyal to their subscriptions than they are to their financial institutions

Need it now

The subscription economy has grown by 3,000% since 2013. Everything is moving to an on-demand, subscription model

Stay Relevant!

WalletFi helps Millenials track and manage their subscriptions using mobile technology.

Product Offering

What comes with WalletFi?

Mobile App

Empower your customers to proactively move subscriptions from their old card to a newly issued card and remain top-of-wallet.

Call Center Dashboard

Help employees easily identify recurring merchants and subscriptions for customers during card reissuance calls.

WalletFi API

Directly integrate with WalletFi’s recurring charge and subscription transfer technology through WalletFi’s API.

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WalletFi helps Millennials better manage online payments on their credit cards.

Rob Lee FIS’s Global Chief Product Officer